I’m Alyssa Layman. I’m a mom, sister, wife, craftaholic, knitter, crocheter, introvert, extrovert, and more. I crave travel, long conversations with my best friends, good books, and huge salads. I obsess over sunrises and rose on rooftops. I’m quite simple, actually.

As a young girl, my grandmother always gifted handmade presents and of course I needed to learn the yarn craft. So pre-YouTube days, I was fortunate to learn from my grams and my mother. I picked up the crochet hook and knitting needles in middle school and haven’t looked back.

After selling hats off my head in yoga and art class in 2016, I started the yarn hustle as little hobby. It has been a great way to keep the ol' noggin sharp. Between building a website, product and model photography, digital marketing and more, I have been able to create more work than I can handle!

I serve the moms, sisters, fashionistas, and minimalistas by delivering quality, hand knit beanies. 

When I’m not knitting you can find me outside, with family, cooking, or with my nose in a really good book.