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It is SUPER hot outside and whether you're headed to the beach, pool, river, or lake....here are my MUST haves for summer time!

summer essentials sunscreen sunglasses hairbrush

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Being raised in coastal South Carolina, I grew up on the beach. The sand doesn't bother me AT ALL. One of my absolute favorite things to do is take a swim in the ocean. The fresh salty air on my skin after a dip in the ocean is pure heaven to me. The best part of all these items is they aren't specific to the beach. You will find yourself using these products all summer long. Honestly I could pack a suitcase full of things to take to the beach, but I have limited myself to these.



Really no summer outfit is complete without cute sunnies. As much as I love to splurge on designer glasses, I will be the first to admit that I will lose or break them just as fast as I got them. Typically I try and keep it to TJ Maxx, Target, and Amazon on my sunglasses purchases but sometimes I do have to splurge on something like Ray Bans ;) Here are a few of my trendy faves, most which won't break the bank or drive you into depression should you lose or break them!




 bare republic sunscreen summertime essentials

There is no shortage of brands for sunscreen and ingredients in said sunscreens has become a hot topic over the last several years. It is a hard balance to find a sunscreen that isn't full of harmful ingredients, actually works, and doesn't break the bank. For all these reasons, I like Bare Republic. sunscreen for their ingredients and price point. Bare Republic is a brand of mineral sunscreen so unlike the traditional sunscreen you may be used to, Mineral Sunscreen provides a barrier of protection between your skin and the sun. Mineral Sunscreens will leave a bit of a white cast on your skin. And best yet, it's made with clean ingredients and is biodegradable and reef-friendly!

mineral sunscreen bare republic

Bare Republic offers a wide line of sunscreens from mineral sprays (clear spray included) of all sorts of scents, to tinted sunscreen, and mineral sunscreen just for your face. I bought a few of these smaller tubes and have one in my golf and beach bags ready to go!

If your wallet allows and you're a skincare junkie, Coola is another hugely popular brand right now. Organic, reef-friendly, biodegradable, and clean...Coola is an all around safe bet for skin and suncare needs. Supergoop is next on my list to purchase!



Hair Care

My hair is long. It get tangled easily. In my mind, I look like a mermaid with long, sunkissed, textured wavy hair but in reality I probably look like a tangled mess. NOT ANY MORE. I never hit the lake, beach, or pool without these two items. I no longer look like a rats nest is on my head after being on the boat all day, wind blown or not. 

Sun Bum 3 in 1 Leave in Treatment 

Y'all, I am ABSOLUTELY obsessed with this Sun Bum 3 in 1 Leave In Treatment. It is hands down my favorite summer product of the season. I bought this primarily for the detanger but now love it for the UV protection, too! After getting out of the water, I squeeze out the excess water from my hair and apply immediately. I found it best and less wasteful to spray several pumps on your hands (I have really long hair and about 6 pumps is plenty for me) and then apply to your hair. Not only does it smell AMAZING, your hair will be super soft, detangled, and protected.


After applying, brushing my hair is a joy. I keep this wet brush and the Sun Bum treatment nearby. 



round towel palm leaves

Long are the days of "just whatever towel is in the linen closet." My personal favorite is the round towel. I don't like being restricted to a narrow rectangle, so this suits me best. I have become so extra that I like to match my towel to bathing suit. These round towels are also perfect for picnics or summer concerts out on a lawn.

Here are a few of the MANY favorites I have:


Alone or with others? I always pack for both occasions because you never know when you're going to start alone and end with others or vice versa. Anywhere near water is a perfect opportunity to play some tunes or cozy up to a good read. 

summertime reads

I try to read a few books a month so my current read is always changing. I travel a lot, and frequently by car, so Audible and the library are two of my biggest go-to's for books. (Get a FREE audiobook through Audible HERE!) Regardless, I always have a hard copy of some sort of book nearby. 

If you're a fan of historical fiction and love stories, this might be a book match for you. Set in France during World War II, The Nightingale is a beautiful love story set in a war scene.

Need to crank up some tunes? Grab a portable speaker!

I have been using the JAM brand for almost 5 years now. After 3 JAM speakers, I can say they're durable and sound great for the price! I got my first JAM XT on a flash sale for $10 off and haven't looked back. They come with clips on them so you can attach them just about everywhere. I have one in my golf bag and one in my beach bag! Both are equipped with bluetooth capablilities and AUX cord.


Staying hydrated is the most important key to having a fun successful day outside! Hot or not, make sure to consume A LOT of water! I am not a fan of one time use plastics, so disposable water bottles are out for me! Here are some of my favorite YETI products to help you do just that. Yes, they're expensive, but after trying the FETI (fake YETI) brands, IT IS WORTH IT. Your ice really does last so much longer. And the amount of plastic we keep out of our landfills (AND OCEANS) is the biggest added bonus of all. So whether, it's water (or beer) keep it nice and cool. Just be sure to check the public safety laws before consuming alcohol in certain places!


What did I miss? What are your MUST HAVES to be outside or on the water all summer long?




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